Response to White House Rescinding DACA Program

Response to White House Rescinding DACA Program



By Mark Gonzales, Founder and Executive Director, Hispanic Action Network

“We knew this day would eventually come, the day where we would have to pass official legislation to protect the DREAMers. We understand that thousands of DREAMers, immigrants and advocates are dismayed at the White House’s decision to rescind DACA and with Jeff Session’s statement as such, but again we knew this day was coming. Furthermore, if the issue of DACA had gone to court, ‘we’ would have lost because this Obama-era program was unconstitutional, thus ending the program altogether.

Where most would consider yesterday’s decision to rescind DACA a defeat, we see it as an opportunity for our leaders to draft and implement a compassionate and pragmatic immigration policy. We have known that we need proper legislation that will indeed protect our DREAMers as well as a comprehensive immigration policy that will allow immigrants of all ages and our nation to flourish. Today is the day, now is the time.

With this recent development, we all have the same target date. Congress has a target date – six months. Advocates, such as the Hispanic Action Network, have a target date – six months. The immigrant community now has a target date – six months.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been playing with the lives of the DREAMers for too long and we say ‘no more.’ We will be heading to Washington D.C. to assist Congress in fixing immigration policy that has plagued our nation for decades, getting it over the finish line – once and for all.

We believe that our President, Congress, and we as Americans, should have a heart of compassion towards children, brought to the United States through no fault of their own, who have been inadvertently and adversely affected by our nation’s broken immigration system. Now is the time for real solutions not extensions, delays or false hopes.

We call on President Trump to put action and power behind the truth of his recent statement, ‘We love the DREAMers’ by leading Congress and working with immigration advocates to create a fair and sensible immigration policy.

We are committed, as an organization who advocates on behalf of the Hispanic community, that our voice will be heard on Capitol Hill as millions of young immigrants await a permanent legislative solution from our elected officials.

In conclusion, we call on Congress to act quickly, in a bipartisan manner, by drafting legislation that will ensure that our nation has an immigration policy that will not uproot DACA participants from the only country that they have ever known. DREAMers have been a great contribution to our community with 95% either in school or working as nurses who care for patients, teachers who educate students in our classrooms and engineers who build American roads and bridges and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in our military.

We are hopeful that the many stories of this generation of DREAMers will assist Congress in shaping new legislation on DACA over the next six months and that God’s wisdom will be upon our leaders in Washington D.C. as they mitigate the complexities of our immigration system and construct a compassionate and pragmatic immigration policy that will unite and bless our nation for generations upon generations to come.”

Mark Gonzales
Founder and Executive Director Hispanic Action Network

The Hispanic Action Network (HAN), founded by Rev. Mark Gonzales, has been a visionary and pioneer in establishing grassroots networks in the prayer and civic action movement. Turning our faith into action, HAN works to see the community of faith engaged in the civic arena and exercising their God given right to vote from a Biblical worldview. HAN seeks to educate, equip, engage and mobilize the Church to be effective in taking a stand and having a voice on a local, state and national level regarding cultural issues impacting the family, church and evangelical community at large.

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