Immigration: ‘The Time Is Right’

Immigration: ‘The Time Is Right’

Immigration: Optimistic Tone

President Trump delivered what many are calling his most ‘presidential’ speech, since entering office. Media sources are pointing to his unifying and optimistic tone, as the reason why 4 out 5 who saw the speech have a more positive outlook about our nation.

As he addressed the joint session of congress, he shared great hope for the future of our nation and immigrants. President Trump said, ‘…the time is right…’ to reach an agreement between both parties on immigration.

Immigration: Response From D.C.

Although the nation is waiting for an immigration answer, many in Washington are still skeptical of true ‘immigration reform’.

Many Republicans are concerned that a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, will be prioritized over border security. On the left, Democrats are skeptical that this new ‘compromise’ on immigration will lead to real answers for an issue that become very grey.

Immigration: What’s next?

Even those who have been critical of President Trump, have started to see progress on immigration since the beginning of February. Last month business leaders like Elon Musk publicly shared the ‘progress’ they had seen in private meetings with the President. And now well known and long standing immigration activists, have publicly stated their willingness to work across the aisle for an answer to immigration.

One of the key issues still affecting the immigration question is the controversy surrounding the border wall. How the border wall will be paid for is a key question, but there may be a more important question that is already affecting our national economy.

How remittance is affecting our national economy has been documented for years. For those of you not familiar with the term remittance, this is when immigrants send money back to their families in their home nation. Mexican’s alone sent home over 24 billion dollars in 2015, becoming a significant source of income for their nation.

One of the key arugments in the immigration battle is how these funds staying within the United States can provide economic lift at a time when we are still maneuvering through the aftermath of the great recession.

Immigration: Key Questions

Looking ahead we are waiting for answers from lawmakers to a few key questions:

  1. What is the process that undocumented immigrants will need to fulfill, so that they have the opportunity to become American citizens?
  2. Other than taxing the American people, what other options are their to pay for reinforcing border security along the southern border?
  3. How can the process of vetting immigrants with criminal records be improved to protect our communities?

As we continue to pray for the nation, it’s important that we place our reliance on God and continue to trust in Him. If you missed the President’s interview on the Brody File, take a minute to hear his remarks about prayer and how he is relying on God.

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