Spelling the Alphabet with Hollywood: L – G – B – T

Spelling the Alphabet with Hollywood: L – G – B – T



Well known media website screenrant.com had choice words at the opening of their monologue regarding the new movie Power Rangers:

“The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show didn’t really explore it’s characters sexuality in any sort of meaningful or deep way…after all it was a kids show in the 90s, but times have changed.”

This isn’t about attacking a lifestyle – this is about protecting innocence.

Times really have changed

In the last four years, we’ve seen a transformation in our nation. Similar to the way the Gutenberg Press once revolutionized the world. We’re now seeing technology forward movements faster than ever before, especially through social media.

Do you remember a few years back, when many credited the ‘Arab Spring’ to Twitter? Quite a revolution it was, that many say this formed the bedrock of ISIS. And it was a social media little brother to Facebook, that pulled it off.

Social media is a powerful tool for impacting culture – just as impactful as Hollywood. Of course Hollywood is not new on telling us what culture should be, as popular opinion in our nation changes over time. Movies developed by the big time production houses have educated us on everything – sometimes for good and sometimes for not so good. From the truth about blood diamonds (Blood Diamond), the stark lack of resources to children in third world nations (Slumdog Millionaire) to revisionist history regarding the crusades (Kingdom of Heaven) and even the origins of Christianity (The Davinci Code).

And what’s Hollywood’s latest target? Our children.

Power Rangers the movie is the latest example of their attempts to bring an agenda forward where we accept a new normal. In this movie, an openly gay high school student is introduced with relative ease as a role model to young people. As reported by one news outlet this is the ‘first queer big-screen superhero‘.

But it goes further.

Disney’s latest theatrical success, Beauty and the Beast, has a clear warning for parents of young children by an outspoken and open gay lawyer. His strong warning brings the reality that children are in danger of losing their innocence.

Prime-time network television is geared for an adult audience; one that understands the world we live in. Adults have long lost their innocence…We lost our innocence when we grew out of adolescence, but do we really want our kids to lose theirs in adolescence?

He went to share a remarkable statement echoed by others in recent week

…Disney went off course. No longer did it see itself as a defender of children’s innocence…

Wow – shocking words not too different from those of Franklin Graham who publicly stated his concerns about Disney’s recent direction. His families own interaction with Walt Disney point to the stark change in our nations recent history.

So, as children across the nation now have their innocence robbed of them by this new alphabet, how will we respond?

In some cities and states this new LGBT alphabet is taught in elementary schools. I’m seeing parents who try to maneuver school districts and cities in an attempt to protect their children. We’re seeking to form ‘morally correct’ sanctuary cities where we can raise our families.

But this isn’t what we are called to. We are called to be salt and light. And as salt and light, we are not called to compromise or conform – we are called to transform.

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